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We’re even capable of building space shuttles to fly through the universe. But we don’t give them sh

The ‘DIY Animalroofs’ is a practical project inspired by the many train and car travels I’ve made through the Netherlands in which when the weather was way too hot to stand outside I was inside with airconditioning and still feeling overheated. Outside I saw all the farm animals; no trees, no caves basically nothing like their natural environment with opportunities to seek shadow… Just plain empty farmer made land (and they had fur too.. oh my.)

And all those other days with rain I sat inside while they had no chance of hiding and were completely soaked wet. I didn’t understand… Just at least give them a roof that protects from rain and creates shadow. How difficult is that?

So I decided that a quick action is needed, not even spending time at this moment talking to the farmers, trying to convince the politics and so forth, no, we need roofs now and a lot. The best thing to do is to create a concept of small easily self-made roofs, a sort of IKEA idea. To make a couple of roof- concepts that can be downloaded on my website (and hopefully on more websites when shared) so that other people can do this as well and we’re going to cover a wider area. Hopefully we’ll get a little movement and fewer animals will burn in heat or being soaked wet in the rain.

I hope this will also create more compassion towars living creatures that suffer and compassion for each other in general.

Also I want to emphasize the importance of feelings, of intuition and everyone’s own authenticity (in every work

of mine: absrtact or a practical solution project). I want to provoke a discussion about ‘law’, ‘right’ and ‘justice’. I want people to think about what they really feel when they look at their own authenticity and to be aware that we can and should question things we take for granted or which we have learned as rules. I want to contribute in one of the many ways in the chain to try to make people the best they can be because I really hate the unnecessarily suffering. And every now and then I want to do that in a more practical than abstract way.

More information will follow in the next months to come.

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