• Anja Radakovic

Work in progress

This project will consist out of filmstills in which I’m writing sentences on the wall and filmstills in which I try to combine ‘glass’ branches just to let them fall eventually, and see if they will break or not and if so, how much.

It will exist online on my website.

I'm inspired by the colours that Pipilotti Rist often uses and her ability to create a feeling as a whole. (I’m not using the same colours, just got inspired by the feeling colours can bring and that feeling of wholeness instead of just an object) and also at the same time I was inspired by a composition that I find both sad and beautiful by Bas Jan Ader in which he photographed himself with flowers.

The breaking branches as movie/performance in filmstills appeared to me one day when I was visiting my mother and watched her cooking. Something about breakable shiny colours, no flowers. Something about her posture, how she held things and something about the smell of nice and familiar food that I cannot make myself. Something about the first autumn air that I breathed outside this fall. Something occurred to me as a history of my grandmother and her grandmother and so forth and their houses and their ways of cooking, several countries several decades, several centuries ago.

Pictures/ sources

- Bas Jan Ader, Primary Time, 1974. Color U-matic video tape transferred to DVD, silent, PAL format, TRT: 26 minutes. Copyright the Estate of Bas Jan Ader / Mary Sue Ader Andersen, 2016 / The Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York. Courtesy of Meliksetian | Briggs, Los Angeles and Simon Lee Gallery, London.

- Pipilotti Rist, Ever Is Over All, 1997 Two-channel "video with overlapping projections (color, sound with Anders Guggisberg)

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