• Anja Radakovic

How To Deal With Their Order Of Things

This work was inspired by a lecture Science and Democracy at my former philosophy master in which we discussed Foucault and the text Order of Things. My interpretation was that we create our world by giving ‘things’ an order, an order of what we think is important or not. We decide that order and our importance and therefore we create our world.

First I was intrigued with the question whether everyone has an equal amount to say/ to create, and why there is so much inequality in the world, especially so much suffering. So I dealt with the ‘unfairness’ of it.

Later I discovered the spiritual way of looking at the world and especially the New Age Movement. My interpretation of it is that whatever you focus on will be created. I noticed a lot of similarities between the 'law of attraction' and with ‘the order of things’.

At this moment I’m still struggling with the inequality of ‘the start’. It makes every different in the world how you will focus (for the rest of your life) based on how you ‘started’ this world. Changing a focus/ a core belief/ ‘a believed perceived ‘truth’’ in other words ‘perspective’ is the most difficult thing to do in the world.

You cannot be born starving of hunger and not focusing on hunger but wealth instead. You cannot be born in war and even know what peace is, let alone be focusing on that. You cannot be born in a dysfunctional family where your parents/caregivers tried to mold you into something and not let you evolve to your essence of who you are and then know how to be yourself, what is good and how to be happy.

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