• Anja Radakovic

I said “enough is enough” and so I put my hands up (..and he shot me dead.)

So I came across this beautiful strong sentence from one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and which is very nostalgic to me ‘Bright Eyes- Land locked blues’.

For me this sentence represents how you can perceive the world around you. Much of it has to do with how you grew up. Was it a loving home? And with loving I mean the real love, that of unconditional love. Or did you grew up, like most of us, in a house where 'love' always knew preconditions? You had to do certain things, 'good at school' you had to behave to standards that your parents had devised, you had to always have a clean room to be a good girl or boy. Of course these are the ‘innocent’ examples of dysfunctional homes so you can imagine how it is to feel really bad as a child so to say: to be ‘loved’ upon conditions.

The image of god or the universe is often projected onto the image that you have of your most dominant parent. Was your parent loving and he/she had the best for you in mind, they paid attention to how you felt and on what you needed? Or did your parent have the best interest with their own ego and you were just here to be a doll to fulfill certain behavior they wanted, so you were here to meet their needs?

If you feel that your parents were against you then chances are that you experience this life as difficult and that 'life' or 'the universe' or 'god' are against you. You see especially the bad things, you see and feel all the suffering in this world and you think that this world is a very dark place, and you feel a victim of it.

This sentence of I said 'enough is enough' you can interpret in a way that the person her or himself sees how her/his image and experience have arisen and tries to be aware of this. Enough is enough, especially the ‘ I said’ part makes it clear of the person taking control. The subtitle here can represent awaking and the end of a worldview you used to have that dominated your life.

At the same time this sentence can also mean having enough of life, not being able to see the larger perspective about the whys and hows and it’s origin. It’s about giving up and living with this image for the rest of your life.

Also with this attitude in mind you will tend to attract a lot of figures especially in your partners that represents your parent and this will only increase the feeling of ‘the bad world that is against me’ this is why the under title (and he shot me dead) fits so well. Seeing yourself as completely helpless in this world means you don’t feel as you can do somethings to change and it does not feel as living much.

I think the lyrics in its whole fits so well, so here is the rest of it:

If you walk away I walk away First tell me which road you will take I don't want to risk our paths crossing someday So you walk that way I'll walk this way And the future hangs over our heads And it moves with each current event Until it falls all around like a cold steady rain Just stay in when it's lookin' this way And the moon's laying low in the sky Forcing everything metal to shine And the sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case They argue "Walk this way", "No, walk this way" And Laura's asleep in my bed As I'm leaving she wakes up and says "I dreamed you were carried away on the crest of a wave Baby, don't go away, come here" And there's kids playing guns in the street And one's pointing his tree branch at me So I put my hands up I say "Enough is enough, if you walk away I walk away" (And he shot me dead) I found a liquid cure For my landlocked blues It will pass away like a slow parade It's leaving but I don't know how soon And the world's got me dizzy again You'd think after twenty-two years I'd be used to the spin And it only feels worse when I stay in one place So I'm always pacing around or walking away I keep drinking the ink from my pen And I'm balancing history books up on my head But it all boils down to one quotable phrase If you love something give it away A good woman will pick you apart A box full of suggestions for your possible heart But you may be offended and you may be afraid But don't walk away, don't walk away We made love on the living room floor With the noise in the background from a televised war And in the deafening pleasure I thought I heard someone say If we walk away, they'll walk away But greed is a bottomless pit And our freedom's a joke we're just taking a piss And the whole world must watch the sad comic display If you're still free start runnin' away 'Cause we're comin' for ya I've grown tired of holding this pose I feel more like a stranger each time I come home So I'm making a deal with the devils of fame Sayin' let me walk away, please You'll be free child once you have died From the shackles of language and measurable time And then we can trade places, play musical graves Till then walk away, walk away, walk away, walk away So I'm up at dawn, putting on my shoes I just want to make a clean escape I'm leaving but I don't know where to I know I'm leaving but I don't know where to

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